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Education Opening the Door to Successful Progress

In Timor Leste school attendance is free up to the end of Junior High School, Year 9. Only students whose parents can afford school fees, finish Senior High School education.  Most students in Letefoho only attend up to year 9. In order to progress to tertiary education facilities such as university or technical colleges, Year 12 must be completed. Entry into university is very competitive so good results are required, as in most countries. Our Lady of Mount Carmel High School, Letefoho, also charges school fees - $240 per year for all tuition and 3 uniforms. This is a lot money for families who struggle to feed their children. Since 2017 LETS has coordinated a School Sponsorship Programme, whereby individuals take support a child (or 2!) for 1 year's Senior High School education. Many of our generous sponsors have made an ongoing commitment to support a student until they finish high school. These students would not complete senior high school without this support.

In 2017, 32  new Year 10 students were sponsored. In 2018, the sponsorship grew to 55 Year 10s in addition to 31 Year 11 students. Last year in 2019 we successfully sponsored 120 students, including 35 new Year 10 students.  As students progress to  purposeful, well paid employment,  post tertiary education or on the basis of good Year 12 results, they become vital supporters of, not only to their personal well-being, but that of their younger siblings, by assisting their families to pay more school fees.

This programme is tangible and real and creating a whole new world of hope to the students and their most appreciative families. Our Lady of Mt Carmel High School is growing in numbers of students and teachers every year. This year, 2020, has begun with a total of 254 students! 92 Year 10 students have registered and 3 new students have been enroled in Year 11. The school has also welcomed 4 new teachers.

If you would like to know more about our Student Sponsorship Programme, please contact LETS through gcm.lough@gmail.com