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Letefoho is a subdistrict of the larger Ermera District of Timor Leste. Letefoho has a population of around 26,000 people and is made up of 65 villages. Our Lady of Mt Carmel High School, a project of LETS is situated in the village of Letefoho, within the District of Letefoho. Many children who attend the high school come from villages at least a 2 hours walk from Letefoho. 

In September 2017 discussions were had with Fr Helio and Eddie de Pina regarding the building of a boarding house for Year 12 students who lived long distances from the school. The aim of a boarding house was to reduce the time of their day spent walking to and from school, to provide a warm, safe and supported residence in which they could reside during the school week and to provide good light and support to enhance their study ability.

Culminating from an idea in 2017 a beautiful new residence was completed in September 2018, capable of providing accommodation for 46 girls. Parents, students and builders all joined together to create this home away from home for students who were so keen to complete their education, they would walk up to 3 hours twice a day to attend this school. All work on the boarding house was done by hand - from foundations to erecting beams and building walls.

The students are supported and supervised by "house parents" and volunteer teachers.

Boys who lived long distances from the school also required a residence closer to the school. Initially, a building previously used as a residence for volunteers, was adapted for a boys boarding house, but only able to sleep 16  boys. In March 2022 additions and renovations were completed to improve the space and quality of the residence in order to house 30 boys. Renovations are now in progress to repair the ceiling of the original building that was severely damaged by rain in late 2022.