LETS work together

DonationS so far:  $008,192

It's a Holy Show!

Huge thanks to the Restorative Justice Leaders at St Philip Neri School, along with the school's Religious Coordinator, Mrs Teresa Larcher, for the wonderful display they have put together to support the LETS cause. The school is hosting a special exhibition in its Learning Centre as part of Catholic Schools Week from 9-13 March 2015. Demonstrating its commitment to social justice, the school is continuing to support the people of Letefoho, in cooperation with LETS.

LETS Schools Program

Learning to help each other...

We are very grateful for the active and enthusiastic involvement of our two Parish schools with LETS - a very big 'thank you' to St Philip Neri School in Northbridge and St Thomas's School in Willoughby.


Our schools program includes:


  • East Timor Awareness Day
  • fundraising by the school children to provide financial support for their peers and their families in Letefoho.
  • cultural exchange between the schools and the community of Letefoho - including exchanging of information (presentations, videos, photos, etc) and gifts (eg a handmade woven cloth presented on behalf of the people of Letefoho as a symbol of their connection with the schools).
  • the LETS annual Christmas Card Competition - children from both schools submit their most creative Christmas card designs; the top design from each school is printed and the cards are sold to raise money for Letefoho.
  • participation by both schools in recording songs on our annual Christmas CD to raise funds to support the communities of Letefoho.